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Anything to do with the TV shows PGSM, especially Rei/Minako, 7th Heaven, or Full House. I also love cats, babies/children, and food or nature photography. :)


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I am trying to work on one of my fics where Rei gets a job promotion and relocates to New York City, but I don't have a lot of ideas for it, so I need some help.  It is an AU based on the original anime series.  Rei and the other senshi are 23 years old in the beginning, but after that, they're in their late 20s, like 28-29.

1.  What kinds of careers can you picture Rei having?
2.  What should I name the antagonist?  He is an American in his 30s who works at the same company as Rei and is a total creep who always acts inappropriately toward her.  She does not have any romantic feelings for him and prefers to keep their relationship as nothing more than a professional thing.
3.   Any other ideas that you think would be awesome for this fic?
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Minna, konbanwa!  :D

I can't believe it's almost Halloween already.  Only 2 more days.  Holy shit!  I've got the general ideas for my costume, but I'm still working on it.  I'm gonna wear some lipstick, black nail polish, and gray eye shadow and my mom is doing my mascara for me, and I'm gonna try to blow dry my hair straight and put it into looped ponytails similar to Princess Kakyuu from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.  My hair isn't long enough to have the strands hanging down like she does, so it's just gonna be the loops and I am braiding them to keep them looking neat.  I want to make bangs, too, but I'll need someone to help me cut them evenly.  The outfit is a black undershirt thing, a blue crochet looking cover up top that you wear over swimsuits, a black skirt, and pantyhose.  I'm borrowing a necklace from my mom and I have a pair of wedges, but I might end up going barefoot eventually because I'm giving out candy and not going anywhere else.  I prefer not to wear shoes unless I go off property.  lol  I want to write the kanji for "fire" somewhere too, probably on one of my arms and a crescent moon on my forehead.

I will try to update a fic or two by then too.  No guarantees, because writer's block is kicking my ass. XD
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Konnichiwa!  Maggie-chan and Skitz-chan say "Meow meow" (Hello) to you guys too, and Leo-chan says "Woof woof!"  ;)  Just working on fics as usual and putting my Halloween costume together.  My allergies are messing with me today, but I'm not letting them stop me from doing my thing.  lol

I've been doing a lot more planning for my PGSM fic series, as well as fics for my other fandoms, mainly Sailor Moon and Full House. This is a preview of what I have so far!  Feel free to suggest some ideas too, if you have any.  :)

C'est la Vie -

Fandom: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (PGSM)
Pairings: Rei/Minako, Usagi/Mamoru, Makoto/Motoki, Ami/Nephrite, Rei's father/OC
Summary: Part two of my Reinako trilogy, initially set five years after "Rei no Himitsu". Rei and Minako try to balance family life with Minako's still successful idol career, and Hino Takashi reveals some news that challenges his relationship with his daughter.

The cutest story on the list, but with some drama, particularly with Rei and her father.  I have 14 chapters outlined for this one so far, just starting on the 15th.  I think it will have at least 25 chapters by the time it is finished, most likely more than 30 though at the pace the story is going, making it the longest one I've ever written.  I have no idea how long it'll be.

Ketsueki no Kizuna (Ties of Blood) -

Fandom: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (PGSM) and CSI Miami
Pairings: Rei/Minako, Calleigh/Eric, Usagi/Mamoru, Makoto/Motoki, Ami/Nephrite, Ryan/Natalia
Summary: Final part of my Reinako trilogy, set between "Rei no Himitsu" and "C'est la Vie", but can stand on its own. The senshi are on Summer vacation in Miami, but when a man's body is found on the beach, they find themselves caught up in the investigation.

Not planning for this one to be as long as 
"C'est la Vie", but it's probably gonna be a bit lengthy, too.  It's also got darker themes than the other two in this set, but still a fair amount of romance.

An American Nightmare -

Fandom: Sailor Moon (original anime)
Pairings: Rei/Yūichirou, some Usagi/Mamoru, and Haruka/Michiru
Summary: Rei gets a job promotion and moves to America. Six years later, she has a young daughter and life is good, but this happiness is shattered when one of her co-workers begins to show an unhealthy interest in her.

The second darkest of all the stories I have on this list.  The antagonist is a real creep, enough said because I don't want to spoil it.  I started to write the outline for this one, but I didn't like how it turned out, so I am rewriting it.  It's at least 15 chapters.

Safe Haven -

Fandom: Full House
Pairings: None really, because it isn't a very romantic story, but there is a little Danny/Vicky, Jesse/Rebecca, and also some DJ/Steve
Summary: Eight-year-old Kyle and his five-year-old sister Lily are living a miserable existence until they are removed from their home and sent to live with the Tanners.

The darkest story.  It is a lot more violent than what I usually write, but there are some lighthearted moments mixed in.  I have no idea how long it will be or when I will get around to writing it, but planning for it started months ago.  I've just been too busy with other stories and writer's block has been kicking my ass on this one.

Aside from writing,  I am re-watching Buzzer Beat.  I watched five episodes yesterday and want to finish the last six today, then I'm moving on to another of Keiko Kitagawa's drama series, Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de.  She is so cute!  I love her facial expressions, mostly her smiles and that pouty thing she does with her lips. :P  She's a bit of a brat in Nazotoki, but she plays that role and her other drama/movie roles so well.  If you've watched any of the dramas and movies she's starred in, which ones are your favorites? I love her as Rei/Sailor Mars the most, because that's what made me her fan in the first place.  I also love her roles in Buzzer Beat, Mop Girl, Dear Friends, and Dakishimetai.  Roommate wasn't too bad either.

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We've been busy decorating for Halloween all afternoon.  The decorations are looking good so far.  We have several styrofoam headstones, some little black fences, glow in the dark skulls and a skeleton, little lights for the walkway, and some other stuff.  It's cool!  Be nice if we had a fog machine or a tape or CD of Halloween sound effects.  I could easily fix the latter by finding some sounds online and have them play from the laptop.  lol

I can't find the costume dress I wore last year though and the wig is too tangled to do anything with.  I had to change my plan.  I found one of my shorter black skirts that is about mid to lower thigh length compared to my usual below the knee or ankle length ones and a black undershirt kind of thing, a blue swimsuit cover up that kind of looks like mesh (it's got the holes all over it) to wear on top, and pantyhose and my wedges, so it's all good I think.  I'm still working out how to accessorize though.  My mom let me borrow a necklace and I also have some jewelry to add on, and I've got plenty of make-up and black nail polish.  I'm doing my own hair if I can figure out how to get it in a Sailor Moon-ish style (not Sailor Moon herself, but I think you probably get the idea).  I'm thinking maybe braided and looped ponytails and leave the rest of it loose or put it in a bun or something. My hair is hard to work with since it's curly and brittle, and it's almost to the middle of my back, especially when it's wet or it's been straightened.  Make-up shouldn't be much of a challenge, maybe a crescent moon on my forehead, and lipstick, eye shadow, and possibly mascara.  Any other ideas for hair, make-up, or accessories are greatly appreciated!  I don't have any money, so I can't buy anything.  It doesn't need to be crazy either, since I'm only giving out candy.
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From my friend SuperiLoveCartoons
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My blog:

Hi! Nice to meet you! I am an Irish-Latvian girl living in Florida. I'm nice, but very shy until I get to know you, and even then I'm still kind of shy at times. I hope to be a pastry chef/baker or have my own daycare or photography business and live in the San Francisco Bay area (or some other city that's safe and doesn't cost too much money) someday.

Facts about me:

1. I am a lefty, though I sometimes write with my right hand too.
2. I am mostly a vegetarian. I don't eat meat, but I do eat dairy and eggs, and occasionally fish.
3. My favorite colors are green and blue.
4. My birthday is September 16th.
5. I have Social Anxiety Disorder and ADHD, and have symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder, but neither of those has been officially diagnosed.
6. My favorite kinds of music: Classic rock/Oldies, J-Pop, Pop, 70s, 80s, 90s, Country (particularly Martina McBride, Shania Twain, Brad Paisley, and Lonestar) and some Disco. I hate Rap, Opera, Heavy Metal, and Screamo.
7. I am obsessed with baby names, even the names of celebrity babies and especially Latvian, Japanese, and Russian names. I dislike anything too over the top (Sha-Diamond, Shatoya, Shithead [sha-teed], Female [like tamale, but with an F], etc...) or trendy/tacky (Nevaeh, Addison, -aiden names, names of cars, liquor, or cutesy names you would give to pets). I like something that's still relatively uncommon in the US, but still classy.
8. I collect coffee/tea mugs.

Some of my favorite shows:

7th Heaven
America's Funniest Home Videos (Bob Saget version)
Tenchi Muyo/Tenchi Universe/Tenchi in Tokyo
CSI: Miami
Full House
Sailor Moon/PGSM
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Deadly Women (Yes, I'm addicted to Investigation Discovery channel!)
Mermaid Melody/Mermaid Melody PURE
Fruits Basket
South Park
The Simpsons (pre-season 10)
Family Guy
Buzzer Beat
Mop Girl
1 Litre of Tears

My ships:

Rei/Minako (PGSM)
Makoto/Motoki (PGSM)
Ami/Nephrite (PGSM)
Lucy/Kevin (7th Heaven)
Matt/Sarah (7th Heaven)
Eric/Calleigh (CSI: Miami)
Ryoko/Tenchi (Tenchi Muyo)
Kiyone/Tenchi (Tenchi Muyo. I ship almost anything in this fandom)
Ryo-Ohki/Ken-Ohki (Tenchi Muyo)
Rei/Yūichirou (Sailor Moon)
Usagi/Mamoru (Sailor Moon/PGSM)
Minako/Yaten (Sailor Moon)
Seiya/Kakyuu (Sailor Moon)
Ami/Taiki (Sailor Moon)
Haruka/Michiru (Sailor Moon)
Misato/Kaji (Evangelion)
Shinji/Asuka (Evangelion)
Sango/Miroku (Inuyasha)
Kohaku/Rin (Inuyasha)
Sesshomaru/Kagura (Inuyasha)
Tohru/Kyo (Fruits Basket)
Hiro/Kisa (Fruits Basket)
Rina/Masahiro (Mermaid Melody PURE)
Lucia/Kaito (Mermaid Melody)
Hippo/Yuuri (Mermaid Melody)
Hanon/Nagisa (Mermaid Melody PURE)
Sara/Gaito (Mermaid Melody)
Jesse/Rebecca (Full House)
DJ/Steve (Full House)
Danny/Vicky (Full House)
Aaron/Michelle (Full House)
Teddy/Michelle (Full House)
Riko/Naoki (Buzzer Beat)
Mai/Shuji (Buzzer Beat)

I currently write for the Sailor Moon, PGSM, Full House, Buzzer Beat, and Mermaid Melody fandoms, but I might write for some of the others eventually. I just don't know what to write yet. lol

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